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How to Choose the Time for Dialysis

Many patients are now confused on when to start the dialysis. Some people say
dialysis should be started as soon as possible, while some people will tell you that you should never have the mind of accepting dialysis, because they think that dialysis is just like "addicting drugs", and people may cannot get rid of it if they start dialysis. Facing these two completely opposite views, how do the patients make their choice?
What Do I Need to Do to Get Rid of Dialysis
In fact, on the question of how to choose the time for dialysis, it should be handled according to the patients' specific conditions. Undoubtedly, except for the kidney transplant, dialysis is an important and effective approach to extend the life of the seriously-diseased end stage renal disease(ESRD) patients.
Simply speaking, the factors on influencing the time for dialysis should include the patients' conditions, complications, the GFR and the patients' urine amount, etc. If the ESRD patients still have a certain amount of urine, and his or her GFR is still in a certain degree, and the complications have not come up, then i recommend him or her to accept the traditional Chinese treatment so that he or she could delay the time for dialysis. How to Reduce Creatinine 5.18 with Traditional Chinese Medicine
However, if the patients' kidneys are already severely damaged and he or she nearly has no urine, and worse still, various complications have come up, in this circumstance, it is an unwise decision to continuously extending the time for dialysis, because that delaying may endanger the patients' lives. How Dialysis Cause Constipation and How to Treat It
Generally speaking, the best chance for dialysis should require these conditions, including the serum creatinine surpassing 8mg/dL or 707.2umol/L, and the Ccr undering 10ml/min, etc. In such circumstance, active dialysis at this time could reduce the adverse reaction caused by dialysis, lessen the various complications induced by toxins, and help to guarantee a high quality life, etc.

In conclusion, on when to start the dialysis, patients should make a comprehensive considerations. Especially, if there are severe clinical symptoms, such as severe swelling and water retention, uncontrollable electrolyte disorders, serious high blood pressure, or heart insufficiency, and other severe manifestations, patients should begin dialysis as soon as possible.

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