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What can not be taken by Chronic Renal Failure Patients?

1. It is suitable for Chronic Renal Failure patients to take soft food, avoid
hard and fried food.
The Chronic Renal Failure patients often suffer the symptoms of congestion and erosion on gastrointestinal mucosa due to retention of toxin in the body and blood microcirculatory disturbance. If people take hard or fried food such as sesame candy and fried paste, these food can scarify the vessels in stomach and lead to haemorrhagia. Due to the coagulation disorders of patients with Chronic Renal Failure, End-stage Renal Failure or Uremia, bleeding can’t be stopped automatically and easily lead to death.
2. It is suitable for Chronic Renal Failure patients to take food with light flavor and avoid hot spicy food.
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The gastrointestinal mucosa of the patients with Chronic Renal Failure, End-stage Renal Failure and Uremia is often in a state of congestion and erosion. If patients take spicy food such as pepper, white spirit and so on, erosion of gastrointestinal mucosa will be aggravated, leading errhysis of stomachic intimal vessel. Kidney Disease Won’t Be Cured Once You Miss the Optimal Time
3. It is necessary for Chronic Renal Failure patients to pay attention when taking dog meat, lamb, beef and so on. What Can Kidney Failure Patients Do to Reverse or Stop Proteinuria
Chinese Medicine believes that dog meat, lamb and beef are all stimulating food which is easy to repeat or sharpen the kidney disease. In clinical, there are really the cases that the condition of patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Nephritis have been worsen after taking beef or lamb, or even leading to death. Whether it is a coincidence or not should be further observed, but patients with Chronic Renal Failure had better not eat such kind meat product.

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