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How Many Treatment Options for Kidney Failure

Many patients with Kidney Failure are always asking how many treatment options
for the treatment of kidney failure. In order to help many patients have a general understanding about these doubts, i here will list the basic treatment options for kidney failure in the following.
At present, the main treatment options for kidney failure mainly include the following types:
First: General Treatment How Can I Slow Down the Progression of Kidney Disease and Prevent Dialysis
General treatments include such aspects as dietary nourishing, nutrition treatment, the maintenance of the body internal environment, and the symptomatic treatment, etc. Among those low-protein diet and nutritional nourishing is the most basic and effective measure.
Here i want to mention the Chinese rhubarb and its preparations. It has the function of improving the healthy kidney tissues' high metabolic state, alleviating the magnification of the remaining renal tissues and inhibiting the proliferation of the mesangial cells, so after the use of this medicine, the process of the Renal Insufficiency could be delayed.
Second: Special Medications What Is the Right Treatments' Choice for Kidney Failure Patients
Special medications are helpful in the delay of the process of Renal Insufficiency. For example, the use of ACEIs could reduce the high blood pressure, alleviate the glomerular sclerosis, and reduce the urine protein; long-term use of sodium acid sulfate can correct the acidosis and the formation of the ammonia and improve the metabolism of protein and urine uric acid, etc.
Third: Alternative Treatments
The kidney alternative treatments include gastrointestinal dialysis, straight colon dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, skin dialysis, hemodialysis, etc.
Fourth: Kidney Transplant How Can Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis Be Treated
Kidney transplant is one of the effective treatment for the later stage Renal Insufficiency.
Fifth: Cell Therapy
Stem cell therapy is the newest therapy for ESRD patients. Stem cell therapy, especially combined with Micro-Chinese Medicine, are effective in the repairing of the harmed kidney tissues and in the restoration of the renal function. This kind of therapy is the one used in our hospital.

Have you gotten a clear understanding about these treatment options for kidney failure? The most important one for you is to choose a method that is suitable for you. May we can help you.

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