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How Long Can a Patient with Renal Failure Live?

From the view of modern pathological study of nephropathy, as long as the disease
has not developed into Uremia stage and GFR is not lower than 20%, it is possible to reverse the disease. Whether the disease can be treated, it depends on the severity of the illness, whether there is urine or not, the degree of complications, whether the renal fibrosis starts and other reasons.
If there is certain urine volume, it indicates that kidneys can still play some function. If the remaining renal function can be well protected and part of the nephron function can be restored through proper treatment, then with the treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is probable that the patients can get rid of dialysis and live a healthy life with the disease.
What Medicines Can Help Kidney Failure without Dialysis
If the patients are in the early stage of Renal Failure and the creatinine level doesn’t raise a lot, it is possible that the disease can be reversed. In brief, in this period, if the patients receive proper treatment, the damaged renal function may recover to normal while with improper treatment, the disease may progress into Uremia stage. The treatment effects may be different because of different physique. The point is which treatment method you choose, whether the treatment method is suitable to you and whether the treatment is timely. Besides, the patients should take good care of themselves in the daily life: prevent colds, don’t get angry, take light diet. What’s more important is to have confidence to overcome Renal Failure. All these factors can slow down the progression of the disease and speed up the recovery. It is important to keep a good mood for the patients especially in the therapeutic process. How Can Kidney Failure Patients with Creatinine 14.6 Be Cured
If the disease continuously deteriorates, it will gradually develop into the end stage of Renal Failure. At this time, if the patients receive effective treatment timely to remove the symptoms, repair the damaged renal function as much as possible, the disease can be controlled. Is There Any Way to Treat Kidney Failure to Go Back to Normal
Therefore, the patients should not always worry about how long they can live and how serious the disease is. What’ more important is to keep a good mood and receive proper treatment. Is There Any Alternative Treatment Other Than Dialysis

Analysis: Creatinine, a waste material produced by using the muscles in your body, is removed by the kidneys. The better your kidneys are functioning, the lower your serum creatinine levels will be. Therefore, if we want to lower the creatinine level, we must restore the renal function and block renal fibrosis. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat Kidney Failure. It can timely block renal fibrosis, restore the damaged renal intrinsic cells, recover the renal function and rebuild the proper renal structure. It is proved to be the best treatment for kidney disease. We have helped many patients with kidney disease regain health.

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