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Is Kidney Transplant really Necessary for People with PKD

Is Kidney Transplant Necessary? PKD can develop gradually and damages kidney
functions. According to statistic, about 50% of people with PKD develop end stage kidney disease and require stem cells transplant, dialysis or kidney transplantation. In fact, we can stop PKD developing by some treatments toavoid dialysis or kidney transplantation. It is Chinese medicine.
In fact, the large cysts are the cause of damages of kidney. This is because large cysts can oppress surrounding tissues especially when there are many large cysts. Hence if we stop the growing of the cysts, the PKD will not develop. If large cysts shrink, the rest kidney function will not be affected. This is what Chinese medicine can do.
In Chinese medicine, herbs are used to treat cysts by restraining the developing of cysts, the great effects of which has been proved. According to research, some herbs in Chinese medicine can restrain the secretion of sac liquid of the cysts on kidney. Alternative to Kidney Transplant for PKD, Creatinine 8.9 and Renal Parenchymal Disease
In many cases, the cysts have been shrunk after using Chinese herbs. According to research, it is believed that the herbs can dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation including blood circulation on the cysts wall. The permeability of the cysts wall can be promoted and the cysts liquid will be absorbed to the blood vessels on the cysts wall because of the different pressure in the cysts and blood vessels. As a result, the cysts can be shrunk. How to Lower Creatinine 1.8 After Kidney Transplant
The herbs can be used by external application with the help of osmosis devices. This external application method is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. And it has been practiced in clinic for more than 20 years in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, China, in which hospital has received about 6,000 kidney disease patients in 2011 including some foreign kidney disease patients.

Hence it is important to receive treatment when the cysts are not large. Try to prevent the developing of the cysts in early stage. Then your life expectancy will be greatly prolonged. Besides, large cysts can be shrunk by this natural remedy. If people have developed renal failure, stem cells transplant is a new treatment for kidney diseases to avoid kidney transplantation. It does not need surgery. The stem cells, which come from human body, will be injected into human body and repair kidney functions.

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