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At What Creatinine Level do You Need Dialysis

Creatinine (How to Cure Creatinine in Kidneys Naturally)can be subdivided into
two types---serum creatinine and urine creatinine and when we refer to creatinine, it usually means the serum creatinine. As a metabolic waste of the muscles, it is usually discharged out of the body through the filtration of the glomeruli. So the increased creatinine level indicates that the kidneys have been damaged.
Dialysis is the most widely adopted method for bringing the creatinine down and it can replace the kidneys’ functions to clear creatinine and other wastes out of the body. Then at what creatinine level should the kidney patients take dialysis. First we need to know the normal value of the creatinine level.
Should Kidney Disease Patient with Creatinine 5.67 Start Dialysis
There are slight differences in different countries and hospitals as to the reference of the creatinine level. But generally speaking, the normal value for male is 54-106umol/l (0.6-1.2mg/ml) and for female is 44-97umol/l (0.5-1.1mg/dl). When the creatinine is higher than 133umol/l, it indicates that the kidneys have been damaged. Creatinine 186umol/l indicates the stage of renal damage; creatinine 451umol/l is the stage of renal failure and when the creatinine rises to 707umol/l, it means that the patients have entered into the stage of uremia.
As to the creatinine level that the patients need to do dialysis, it really depends on the patients’ illness and physical conditions. Generally speaking, when the creatinine is higher than 500, patients will need to do dialysis.How to Lower My Creatinine Level 658 High Creatinine Levels What Natural Supplement Will Lower Creatinine
 However some patients may not take dialysis until their creatinine level increases to more than 1000.How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
Dialysis does have its obvious advantage; it can help discharge the wastes in the body and lower the creatinine level quickly. However dialysis still has many disadvantages. Once the patients start dialysis, it is very different for them to get rid of it and the patients have to go to the hospital to do dialysis regularly or the creatinine level will increase to a level even higher than before. What’s more, long time dialysis will cause the kidneys become dependent on it and the remaining functioning nephrons will cease to work in the end and there is no chance for the recovery of the kidney functions and the patients will have no choice but to do kidney transplant.How to Make My High Creatinine Go Down
Actually dialysis is not a treatment at all; it is just a machine that replaces the kidneys’ functions without any improvement of the illness conditions, so more cautions should be made before taking dialysis. It does not mean that patients should not take dialysis at all, but that patients should not only depend on dialysis. Dialysis should be adopted in emergency to help lower the accumulation of the wastes in the patients’ body so as to bring the illness condition under control and when the illness condition is not that bad, more positive treatments that can help repair kidney damages and improve kidney functions should be sought.How Can I Reduce the Level of Creatinine 520

In this regard, the Chinese medicines have very good curative effects. The active ingredients in the medicines aim at repairing the glomerular basement membrane and other damaged renal tissues so as to increase the glomerular filtration rate so that the creatinine level will be lowered naturally.

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