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Co2 25; BUN47; Creatinine 4; eGFR20;Metoropol; Ranexa; Plavix; Exelon;

The Reasons for the Shaking among Old People
Legs and arms shakings are popular among old people, which trouble many people. There is a person who expressed his confusion:
My father is ninety and he had had a wonderful life and healthy life, although he received the removal of one kidney several years ago. However, he was attacked by congestive heart failure and stroke last year and his arms as well as legs begin to shake when he wants to stand or hold something. What’s worse, he is losing his memory and often knocks over things. I wander the reason for the shaking of my father. Here are the abnormal values in his test report and some mediceins my father have every day:BUN Creatinine Ratio 26: Is That Kidney Failure
Co2 25; BUN47; Creatinine 4; eGFR20 How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
Metoropol; Ranexa; Plavix; Exelon; Imdur; Lasix; aspirin; hydrocodone
According to the information about, there are three causes may be responsible for this father's shaking: How to Lower My Creatinine Level 658
1. The side effects of some medicines
As reported, Exelon possibly have side effects such as heavy sweating, losing weight, discomfort of whole body and tremor or shaking.
What's worse, any pain killers are harmful to the kidneys for kidneys are to filtrate those medicines and the toxins will deposit in kidneys and harm them.
2. Weak nerves and muscles What Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Lower Creatinine Level
As we get old, we all tend to have weak nerves. Brain cells will die and even cerebella will wither, which damage the ability of keeping balance. The old people will have high blood fat and the weak metabolism which supply less oxygen as well as other nutrients. Their muscles will become hard and have weak stretching force which can not keep the normal contraction. The shaking among old people mainly results from this reason. To avoid more medicines harming the kidneys, it is good for those people to receive acupuncture and moxibustion. They belong to the traditional Chinese natural treatments, which is good at improving symptoms of weak nerves and secondary diseases or sequela of stroke like hemiplegia and uncontrolled shaking.
3. Renal failure How to Make My High Creatinine Go Down
BUN and Crea are higher than normal. GFR is low. His kidney fail in its working such as regulating electrolyte, draining out the metabolic wastes and excess water and secrete erythropoetin, 1,25(OH)2D3 and other necessary substances. Erythropoetin can promote the production of red cells, so the less erythropoetin will cause Anemia. Combined with high blood pressure and electrolyte disturbance, Anemia will make heart pump more blood, causing Congestive Heart Failure. 1,25(OH)2D3 can promote intestinal tract absorb Calcium and Calcium deposits on bone. Co2 25 indicates acidosis in your uncle’s body, which will promote bone dissolving. Less 1,25(OH)2D3 fails in making more Calcium deposit and form bone. Thus renal osteodystrophy occurs, which shows cramp, weak legs and arms, osteoporosis. With Anemia, patients will feel feeble and weak. They have difficulty in walking or even standing.Why Does My Creatinine Fluctuate from 1.25 to 3.6 Without Symptoms

In order to ease this kind of shaking, the kidney failure should be treated first. Western medicines are usually helpless, except easing the symptoms or kidney transplant. The patients have a try to receive the medicines or treatments of Chinese medical science, which have many advantages in regulating electrolyte disturbance and other changes of internal environment.

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