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Polycystic Kidney Disease before Kidney Transplant

What is Polycystic Kidney Disease?
Polycystic Kidney Disease is a hereditary kidney disease which is characterized by numerous fluid-filled sacs (cysts) in the two kidneys and as the progressive enlargement of these cysts, the kidneys will be greatly enlarged and the normal renal tissues will be replaced by the multiple cysts. And the kidneys will be damaged gradually and in the end the kidney will lose its normal functions and the patients will have a series of symptoms and complications. If the patients do not seek proper treatments timely, the illness conditions will continue to worsen and in the end develop into end-stage renal failure. Are There Any Natural Herb Treatments for Treating PKD Cysts
Kidney transplantation for Polycystic Kidney Disease
When the Polycystic Kidney Disease develops into the stage of end-stage renal failure, it is considered that dialysis and kidney transplantation are the only choice to maintain the patients’ life. Dialysis can help replace the kidney’s function to discharge the wastes out of the body and keep the patients alive. However patients have to give up some degree of their freedom because they have to arrange their time centering the dialysis schedule. What is worse, long time of dialysis will cause many complications to the patients and the patients will become dependant on dialysis and in the end the remaining kidney functions will be gradually lost and patients have no choice but kidney transplantation.How to Slow the Progression of PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease)
Actually kidney transplantation is not a complete cure although many people who have received kidney transplantation are able to live as much as they did before their kidneys fail. However there are many things that need to be considered before doing the renal transplantation. As we all know, it is not easy to do the kidney transplantation due to the scarcity of kidney donors. A statistics has shown that there are nearly 47,000 people in the United States were waiting for kidney transplant in 2000 and the wait for a donor can take years. Not to mention the huge cost of kidney transplant and the great pains and injuries that the patients have to suffer. What is more, the patients have to take anti-rejection drugs and be monitored by a nephrologist.How to Shrink the Cyst With Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)
New treatment for end-stage Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease to Reduce Creatinine 7.5

As the development of the society and the constant breakthrough in medical science, a completely new and natural remedy has been put into the clinical practice and has been proved that it has very good curative effects on end-stage PKD and has far more advantages over the kidney transplantation. The new treatment is the stem cell therapy(Instead of Kidney Transplant, Why not Stem Cell Transplant) in which the cultivated stem cells will be injected into the patients’ body. Then the stem cells will differentiate into new renal cells and tissues to restore the kidney functions so as to reverse the kidney damages and block the process of renal fibrosis. What is more important, the therapy is not operation at all. It is very convenient and does not cause any sufferings or side effects to the patients. The patients will sense the obvious curative effects and feel full of energy after the treatment and all the discomforts and pains will be relieved or disappear completely. This is the magic power of stem cells and because of this, they are called the universal cells and are more and more applied to the treatment of many refractory diseases.

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