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Symptoms and Treatments for Renal Cortical Cysts

Renal Cortical Cyst is a simple interstitial fluid-filled sac located in the
renal cortical areas near the outside region of the kidneys. Renal cortical cysts are usually discovered incidentally in B ultrasound, CT scans or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) done for other reasons. The incidence of the renal cortical cyst increases with the age. It has been found out that more than half of people in their 50s have at least one renal cortical cyst on their kidneys.
When the renal cortical cyst is small in size, usually less than 3cm, it will not cause any sign or symptom to the patients and doctors usually leave it alone except regular check on the growth of the cyst every half or one year. However, the renal cortical cysts will continue to grow, though slowly, and when the cysts are bigger than 5cm, patients usually will suffer from many discomforts.Why Can Kidney Cyst Cause Redish Colored Urine Can You Feel Renal Cyst Through the Skin
When the cysts grow into a certain size, they will press the surrounding tissues and cells and stretch the renal capsule and cause pains in the back, abdomen and side between the rib and hip. In case of cyst infections and cyst rupture, the patients will find blood in their urine and have fevers. If the renal cortical cyst is too big, for example larger than 10 cm, it will cause high blood pressure in the kidneys and in case of cyst rupture; it is easy to cause peritonitis and many other serious complications.How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
In a word, whether the renal cortical cyst patients have symptoms or not and what kind of symptoms the patients will have really depends on the patient’s specific illness and physical conditions and also the daily care and nursing play important role.How Long Does It Take to Stop Blood in Urine Due to Kidney Cyst Rupture  How to Shrink the Cyst With Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)
The conventional treatments for renal cortical cysts are puncture and open surgeries. In the former, a physician will insert a fine needle into the cyst and drain the fluid out of the cysts and then replace it with alcohol so as to harden the cyst walls. In the latter, the most widely adopted surgery at present is the laparoscopic surgery which has the following advantages of small incision, short hospitalization and fast recovery. However these treatments can only aim at large renal cortical cysts and have no use on small ones. What is worse, the cysts are easy to relapse because the cystic fluids will continue to secrete after the remove of the large ones and patients have to take the puncture and surgeries again and again.Pain and Frequent Urination With Kidney Cyst: Cause and Treatment

Compared with the western therapies, Chinese medicines have for more advantages.( What are the Treatments of Renal Cortical Cysts?)They can act on both small and large renal cortical cysts and the curative effects can last for a long time.

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