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What Are the Side Effects of Long-Term Dialysis - ERSD

Dialysis, also known as artificial kidney, is one kind of blood purification
techniques. Most of patients with Renal Failure around the world receive dialysis to survive. But long-term dialysis can cause some side effects.
Side effects of long-term Dialysis
Hypotension, convulsion, nausea, vomiting, fever, eye blurred, cramps, etc can be caused. More information is here.
High blood pressure
In addition, kidney will atrophy gradually. Blood that flows into kidney will become little and urine decreases. Water in one’s body can not be excreted. Then dialysis is needed again and again to help you excrete wastes and excessive water.
Dialysis can not excrete all the wastes. Hence toxic stays in human body. The toxic in blood do harms to human bodies. Causes and Management of Side Effects of Dialysis
Dialysis increases the risk of people with renal failure being infected.
There are many complications of dialysis, such as anemia, infertility (99% women who receive dialysis for a long time).
In severe cases, coma presents.What Are the Side Effects of Dialysis
Chest pain
Back pain
For people with kidney disease need to know about that any try to avoid those side effects if you have received dialysis. in addition, stem cells transplant is the latest treatment of renal failure, if you have not received dialysis, it help you avoid it.Are There Any Side Effects of Dialysis on Diabetics
Stem Cell Transplant is the new treatment method of renal failure and lowering creatinine level in blood.
New and healthy cells can be created by stem cells to replace the dead kidney cells.If There Are Any Side Effects of Hemodialysis

With the help of combination of Micro-Chinese Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant, there are more normal kidney units. And then kidney function will be improved so as to remove toxin in body and then decrease the high creatinine level. Once their kidney function is improved fundamentally, they are more likely to get rid of dialysis or lessen the frequency of receiving dialysis at least.

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