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Can Alcohol Affect My Kidney Cyst?

According to studies, alcohol has bad influence on kidney cyst, but how does it
affect? Take a look and you will know how does alcohol affect our illness condition.
Firstly, long-term drinking of alcohol presents us many problems such as bleeding, anemia, disorder of function of platelet, abnormal absorb of intestines and stomach, hyperlipemia, atherosclerosis and so on. All these conditions are not beneficial for kidney cyst patients recover from their disease.How Does Alcohol Affect Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)
Secondly, drinking alcohol frequently causes high blood pressure, elevates serum creatinine level in the blood and present metabolic acidosis which makes us sick, anorectic and depressed. We know high blood pressure, high levels of creatinine and metabolic acid all have function to worsen kidney damages. With these factors, kidney cyst causes kidney failure more quickly, so we need to avoid these conditions.Should Kidney Cyst Patients Control Alcohol Intake
Thirdly, drinking alcohol disorder the balance of nitrogen in our body and increase the decomposition of protein. When more and more protein are decomposed in our body, more and more urea nitrogen will be generated. We know our kidneys are in charge of reserving protein in our body and when there are much more protein in our body, renal burden is increased. With heavy burden, kidney cyst progress quickly and obviously, kidney failure occurs easily.Can I Drink Alcohol With Simple Kidney Cyst Can People with Polycystic Kidney Disease Drink Alcohol
Fourthly, alcohol has stimulation function to our kidneys and this makes the generation of cyst fluids more and more quickly. We know kidney cyst enlarges with the increase of alcohol, and enlarged cyst always causes much more serious kidney damages, which makes it hard for kidney cyst to recover.
In conclusion, for the sake of healthy, kidney cyst patients should be far away from drinking alcohol. Besides, it you have developed this habit of drinking alcohol and found it is hardto kick this habit, they can ask your doctors, family members and friends for help.

Lastly, if you have any other problems about kidney cyst, please feel free to consult us. We are glad to help you and hoping we can defeat kidney cyst together.

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