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Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) Developing Introduction - Kidney Diseases

Chinese Traditional Medicine is very different from western medicine. Since it
has a very long history (reaching back more than 2,000 years), traditional herbal medicine plays important role in the Chinese health-care system. And the medicine is a system practiced by about one-fifth of the world's population.
Chinese Herbs for PKD
Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) is widely accepted in China and some other Asian countries. Besides, many people in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia regard Chinese medicine as their first line of defense in maintaining health and combating disease. Although acupuncture has captured attention in the United States, traditional herbal medicine plays a far greater role in the 
Chinese Medicine to End Leg Swelling With Kidney Problem
Chinese health-care system. Backed by centuries of empirical experience, China's huge pharmacopeia contains thousands of substances of plant, animal, or mineral origin, most of them herbs. At least half of Chinese folk remedies have some kind of scientific basis for their reputed claims, according to a National Academy of Sciences study of 796 Chinese herbal and animal remedies.1 Chinese medicine utilizes a range of therapeutic methods including herbs, diet, massage, osteopathic-type manipulation, breathing, deep relaxation, and therapeutic exercise in a holistic approach to health.Herbal Medicine Top Five Herbs for Better Kidney Function
According to a recent report in China Daily, acupuncture in particular is fast becoming a new favorite in the country after President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said it cured his shoulder arthritis.New Natural and Effective Treatment for Kidney Disease
Many people have experienced incredible success from Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) treatments, it is gaining respect around the world, including in Australia where an act was recently passed to allow Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) practitioners to be officially licensed as doctors.

Natural herbs in Chinese traditional medicine can treat many kinds of diseases including various kidney diseases such as PKD, CKD, etc.

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