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Take Care: Some Chinese Medicines can Poison the Kidneys

In recent years, more and more people are suffering from nephritis and acute
renal failure due to the abuse of the Chinese herbs; therefore it is very necessary to learn something about the renal toxicity of the Chinese herbs.
It has been proved that the Chinese medicines such as akebia, cortex magnoliae officinalis contain aristolochinc acid which can cause the acidosis of the Renal tubular, renal interstitial and proximal tubular as well as the hypotonic urine. Such patients will have acute renal failure with little urine in clinic and as time goes on gradually develop into chronic tubular interstitial nephritis. In such kind of situation, the disease is difficult to cure and in most cases the patients will finally patients will have end-stage renal failure.
Medical scientists have found out that there are nearly 50 kinds of Chinese medicines that can poison the kidney and lead to chronic and acute kidney damages and renal failure.Chinese Herbs for PKD
The renal toxicity medicines can be subdivided into three types.
First, plant category including tripterygium wilfordii, akebia, motherwort, xanthium, etc.Traditional Chinese Medicine for Low Hemoglobin in Hemodialysis
Second, animal category including fish bile, hippocampus, centipede and venom, etc.
Third, mineral category including arsenic class ( realgar, arsenolite), mercury class ( cinnabar, mercuric chloride, calomel), lead class ( minium) and other minerals such as alum and so on.Traditional Chinese Medicine to Cure Kidney Cyst with Elevated Uric Acid
The majority of the Chinese medicines are natural medicines and the component of the Chinese medicines is relatively complex. Compared with the western medicines, the Chinese medicines have much less side effects and some medicines do have not any side effects to the human body at all. However, there are still some medicines that do have toxicity to the kidneys and other organs, especially when the patients have too much without the doctor’ permissions.Can PKD Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis Take Chinese Medicines Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Polycystic Kidney Disease

For PKD patients it is especially important to know something about the aforementioned information. As we know that our kidneys have the functions of filtrating the metabolism wastes and toxins out of the body and purifying the blood. Under normal circumstances, the toxins can be discharged out of the body, while for PKD patients, since their kidneys have been severally damaged, so too much intake of toxins will increase the kidneys’ burden and cause acute aggravation of the illness conditions. So it is very necessary for the PKD and other kidney patients to make consultation to make clear whether the medicines they take have toxicity to the kidneys or not and the intake of the renal toxicity medicines should under the doctor’s strict supervision.

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