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Stem Cell Transplant for Kidney Cyst

Stem Cells are a kind of valuable organisms which show tremendous ability in
treating various difficult diseases especially for those diseases with organic damages including kidney diseases. Stem Cell Transplant can be seen as a new technical method which is used in some countries with advanced medical research.
Key points to treat Kidney Cyst:
Kidney Cyst means that there is one or more cyst in kidneys. Cysts will secrete cyst fluid constantly and then urging the enlargement of cyst. The enlargement of cyst will oppress blood capillaries round cysts so that ischemia and anoxia will appear in kidneys. Cyst fluid contains inflammatory cells which will damage kidney tissues. The best way to treat Kidney Cyst is to restrain the secretion of cyst fluid and promote the resorption of cyst fluid so as to decrease the size of cysts.Suggestions for Kidney Cysts During Dialysis
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The function of stem cell transplant to Kidney Cyst:
The growing of cysts will also damage the kidney tissues so that stem cells can differentiate into new cells to improve kidney functions.
1. Stem Cell Transplant can improve the condition of anemia in kidneys. Bone marrow stem cells and Umbilical stem cells have the function of differentiate into hemopoietic stem cells. The improvement of anemia will help to provide enough blood circulation to kidneys, which can help the recovery of kidney function.
2. Stem Cell Transplant can differentiate into functional cells which will surround the cyst wall of cysts so as to increase the permeability of cyst wall and then cyst fluid will permeated into blood flow and then cyst fluid will be discharged out from through urine. At last, the cyst fluid will be less and less so the cyst will be smaller and smaller.
3. Stem Cell Transplant can provide kidneys new cells differentiated from stem cells. These new cells can replace those necrotic cells, which can improve kidney function to a great extent.

Patients with kidney cyst should use Stem Cell Transplant as well as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can get a good treatment effect. These two method can find the basic cause of cyst and then treat kidney cyst from the root.

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