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Breakthrough in Lowering Creatinine Level

The increase of creatinine level is the most common symptom in PKD as well as
other kidney diseases. As the enlargement of the cysts, they will oppress the kidney cells and tissues. The damaged renal cells will have phenotypic transformation and form the pathological changes. Then other renal intrinsic tissues will have the same pathologies and the kidneys will gradually be damaged. As a result, the creatinine and other metabolic wastes can not be discharged out of the body, thus leading to the increase of serum creatinine, the decrease of the urine creatinine and the glomerular filtration rate. At the same time, the patients will have other complications such as hypertension, edema and so on.
How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood How to Lower My Creatinine Level 658
When the creatinine is too high, immediate measures should be taken to help the body get rid of the excessive accumulations of the creatinine in the body because high creatinine level will in turn cause further kidney damages. At present, the conventional treatments in lowering creatinine can only reduce the creatinine without repairing the damaged basement membrane and other tissues. Their effect is temporary and the creatinine will once again increase under some inducements such as colds, tiredness, fever or infections.High Creatinine Level What to Use to Lower Creatinine 473 What Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Lower Creatinine Level
After years of research and practices in the clinic, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has made a breakthrough treatment in lowering creatinine level---Stem Cell Transplant. The treatment has very good effect on lowering the creatinine level especially when the illness conditions are too serious to be treated by other traditional and conventional treatments. Stem cells are a series of original cells with the strong power of self-renew and differentiation. With the homing ability, the stem cells can arrive at the kidney lesions directly and differentiate into new renal cells to replace the dead and necrotic renal intrinsic cells. After the application of stem cell transplant, the kidney damages will be repaired and the kidney functions will be gradually recovered. Since the root cause of the creatinine increase is solved, the creatinine level will decrease naturally and with careful family care and nursing after the treatment, the creatinine will no long bother the patients any more.

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