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Natural Treatment for Hemorrhagic Cysts in Kidney

Cysts in kidneys are fluid-filled sacs with various sizes. The size of the cysts
can range from several millimeters to more than 10cm. There can be only one cyst on one kidney or there are might be several cysts on bilateral kidneys. Most kidney cysts are benign and it can be considered as a normal process of aging because one study has found out that people that are in their50s have 50% of possibility to have at least one cyst in their kidneys and many people can even go through their whole life without knowing that they have cysts. This is because the cyst is small and it does not cause serious damages to the kidneys.
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Usually when the cyst is smaller than 3cm and if it does not cause obvious signs or discomforts to the patients, the cyst can be left along without special treatment except regular check and reasonable daily cares. However in some cases the cysts will have rapid growth and oppress the kidneys and replace normal tissues in the kidneys and cause a series of symptoms and complications(Symptoms and Treatments for Ruptured Kidney Cysts) such as pains in the back and abdomen, hypertension, blood in urine and protein in urine. In such cases proper treatments should be received as soon as possible, or the disease will gradually lead to declined kidney function, hydronephrosis and even uremia and the possibility of cancerization, so it is very important to take timely treatments.
One of the serious symptoms is hemorrhagic cysts which mean bleeding cysts in the kidneys and the bleeding may be caused by physical traumas or infections.
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 The kidneys are in a state of lack of blood and oxygen which is easy for the cysts to rupture and cause infections. Under this condition, timely treatment is very crucial or the hemorrhagic cysts and the infections are easy to induce inflammation and in serious cases the bleeding can not be stopped and patients will even experience acute renal failure if not handled well. The first step for the treatment is the controlling of the bleeding and infections, and then the emphasis of the treatment should focus on repairing damaged kidneys and prevent further kidney damages.Chinese Herbs for PKD What Are the Risks of Renal Cortical Cyst
What makes the Chinese medicines(Gift of Nature-----Chinese Herbal Medicine) different from the western medical concept of lesion-removing is that the Chinese therapy focuses on the repairing of the damaged parts instead of just eliminating it. Though the Chinese medicines may take effect more slowly than the western therapy, its curative effects can last long and have no side effect or any injury to the human body.

After the application of the Chinese medicines, not only the hemorrhagic cysts can be cured, the kidney damages can also be repaired so as to reduce the recurrence rate of other kidney cysts and protect the kidney functions from lesions once again.

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