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What Are the Symptoms of Anemia in Polycystic Kidney Disease

Anemia is a medical condition, in which there are less red blood cells in the
blood. With anemia, we always have serious of abnormal symptoms and occurrence of anemia inPolycystic Kidney Disease is attributable to the reduced generation of EPO. EPO is the component of red blood cells and with the decrease of it, generation of red blood cells decrease as well and as a result, anemia appears. Early diagnosis about anemia allows us to have an early treatment. As Polycystic Kidney Disease patients are more easily to suffer from anemia, so knowing symptoms of anemia is useful for them to have a general diagnosis about anemia.
Symptoms of anemia in Polycystic Kidney Disease
1. tiredness and easily fatigue Treatment for PKD Patient Who Always Have Anemia
2. rapid heartbeat, especially after exercise
3. shortness of breath, pale look The Treatment for Anemia in Patients with PKD
4. easily distraction from what we are doing
5. dizziness, headache Treatment for End Stage PKD, Anemia and Hematuria
6. insomnia
If a Polycystic Kidney Disease patient found he is suffering some or all of these symptoms, I am afraid he is suffering anemia. Although anemia is just a clinical complication of Polycystic Kidney Disease, it has great influence on patient’s recovery. On one hand, anemia affects patient’s normal life through making them uncomfortable and unable in doing many things. On another hand, anemia accelerates Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) to some extent.
Since anemia means so much for Polycystic Kidney Disease patients, it is necessary for us to take some measures to remit it.
1. ingest more protein and vitamin and ferrum
2. avoid bleeding
3. inject hemopoietin or androgen

Anemia appears among Polycystic Kidney Disease just because kidneys fail to secrete hemopoietin and secrete toxins, so as a matter of fact, only through repairing kidney damages, can anemia be remitted fundamentally.

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