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Is There a Way to Reduce Creatinine 6.6 without Dialysis

Creatinine is the metabolic wastes of the muscle and it comes from two sources,
that are the muscles in the body and the meat we eat. Under the normal circumstances, the creatinine will be discharged out of the body through the filtration of the glomeruli. The normal value of the creatinine varies from country to country and from hospital to hospital. But generally speaking it is 0.6-1.2 mg/mL for male and 0.5-1.1 mg/mL for female. So we can see that creatinine level 6.6 is quite high and proper treatment should be sought immediately.How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
In such case, the patients needs to do dialysis first to help discharge the excessive accumulation of the creatinine in the body because too much toxins and wastes will also damage the kidneys and aggregate the illness conditions. Some patients have a misunderstanding that they think once they start dialysis, they can not get rid of dialysis. Actually this is wrong, in very severe conditions, the dialysis is very necessary or the too high toxin level will even threaten the patient’s life.High Creatinine Levels What Natural Supplement Will Lower Creatinine
However the fact does exist that some patients can’t get rid of dialysis after taking a period of dialysis. This is because they are too dependent on the dialysis. Since the creatinine will decrease after dialysis, so the patients would think that they have recovered and stop seeking other treatment. And after a period of time, when the creatinine increases once again, they will do the dialysis. Repeated like this, they not only miss the reversible period, their kidney conditions become worse and worse and in the end, they will have no choice but to do dialysis regularly. Blood Urea 126, Creatinine 7.3, Vomiting: How Can You Help Is Transplant the Only Option for Higher Creatinine Level Equal to 5
Actually the patients have great chance to get rid of the dialysis if they seek the more positive treatments that can repair kidney damages and improve kidney functions.
After years of efforts and innovation, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has created a natural remedy that can not only lower creatinine level, but also improve kidney function. It has been proved in clinic that the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can have a durable effect. What’s more, the active ingredients in the medicine can help regulate the immune system and improve the immunity of the human body. After the application of the treatments, patients will become stronger and stronger. In very serious illness conditions, the Stem cell treatment will be combined with the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The stem cell can differentiate into new renal intrinsic cells to replace the dead and necrotic renal cell so that the kidney function will be rebuild.

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