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Difference between Simple Kidney Cyst and Complex Kidney Cyst

There are two significant categories of kidney cyst that exist, which refers to
simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst. Both of these two kinds of kidney cyst means there are cysts in our kidneys. Well then, what are the differences between simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst?
About simple kidney cyst
Simple kidney cyst is the most common cystic kidney disease. Different from Polycystic Kidney Disease, simple kidney cyst is acquired and usually, as we get older the chance of having a simple kidney cyst increases and the cysts increase in size as well.
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According to statistics, we found that about a half of people who are over 50 years old have simple kidney cyst. Besides, inside the simple kidney cyst, there is nothing but yellow fluids. In contrast, simple kidney cyst is of less danger than other kinds of kidney cyst. However, if the cyst in a simple kidney cyst is tested to be enlarging consistently, we need to attach enough more attention to it, because enlargement of cyst always oppress the surrounding renal functional cells, which makes our kidney functions impaired.
Lastly, a simple kidney cyst has no chance to become a kidney cancer, so we need not to worry about nothing.How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
About complex kidney cyst
As for complex kidney cyst, we can get the information that the cysts in complex kidney cyst are different. These cysts may vary from size to size, shape to shape or be different in other aspects. As we have mentioned above that a simple cyst is filled with yellow cystic fluids; but for a complex kidney cyst, it also may be calcified; that is to say the mineral calcium is visualized inside of the cyst.
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Besides, many complex kidney cysts have low risk for being a kidney cancer, so it is necessary for us to find out whether our cysts are dangerous once we are told to have complex kidney cyst. Also, try to observe whether the cysts in kidneys are enlarging, because similar with a simple kidney cyst, complex kidney cyst also cause kidney failure through affecting our renal functions.

Since both simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst cause kidney failure, we need to treat them actively so as to avoid bad consequences. As for the treatment of simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst, welcome to consult us.

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