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The therapeutic functions of Gua Sha Treatment - Kidney Disease

Gua Sha is also called Skin Scraping in English, one of Chinese natural
treatments. If you have seen the movie Gua Sha, you will know something about this natural treatments which is used in treating diseases for thousands of years in China, though its therapeutic effects has not been adopted in western countries. Chinese natural treatments boast for their functions of enhancing immunity of human beings to guard against diseases, which carry out the Chinese philosophy that human body as well as the world is a whole.
Activating blood circulation and dissolving stasis
The tools in Gua Sha usually are ox-bone plates. As the plate is scraping the skin, muscles can be relaxed or strained under the different speed and power of scraping. Therefore, the pressure between tissues will be regulated and the local blood circulation is promoted. The increasing blood volume plays an important role in strengthening the immunity of human beings.
Regulating the balances in body Gua Sha Therapy For PKD Patients
Chinese doctors divided the functions of organs into two opposite aspects: Yin and Yang. The balance of them is very important for human being to keep health. The imbalance of them will cause hyperfunction as well as hypofunction. For instance, Gua Sha on abdomen and back can promote and restrain the bowel movements, which effectively improve appetite and abdominal distention.
Relaxing the tendons
In clinic, Chinese doctors accumulate experience that the stressed muscles cause pain and the pain strain the muscles. Thus, in order to ease pain, we must relax muscles first. During Gua Sha, the skin can be heated by scraping and blood circulation is accelerated. The repeat scraping elevates the point of pain. According to the perspective of Chinese medical science, meridians and collaterals have close relationship with skin. The stretched skins and muscles in Gua Sha can effectively ease the blockage in meridians and collaterals and improve the pain.
Regulating endocrine and promote detoxification
The work of all organs in human body is controlled by the bioinformation such as natural frequency and bioelectricity. The stimulation outsides on skin will create such kind of bioinformation and regulate the work of organs. Endocrinopathy results from the organs working under the worry bioinformation. Gua Sha correct those information, activate response of organs and regulate endocrine, though the scraping and stimulating acupoints.

Congestion caused by Gua Sha will offer enough nutrients and oxygen to the local tissues. Scraping will stimulate nerves of blood vessels and dilate the blood vessels, accelerating the circulation of blood and lymph. More metabolic wastes are removed though detoxification and phagocytosis. Relative clean blood flow enhances immunity and reduce the chances of getting diseases.

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