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Prevent Sudden Death of Patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease

In researching and treating Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), we find that no symptoms is on exertion at the beginning but at late stages severe complications hard in being controlled might bring death to patients at any time. At times, doctors tend to have no time to rescue them. Actually, in a sense, preventing the complications of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is more important than treating it. The preventing should emphasize on three points: high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar.
High blood pressure
In lowering blood pressure, you’d better choose hypotensor little poisonous to kidneys, such as ACEI and ARB. The principle in having hypotensor is to use more than one kind of hypotensor with small doses in suitable time. Several hypotensors applied at the same time can ease side effect of one medicine in long term. The best time for patients to have hypotensor is at 6 to 10am and 4 to 8pm, because high blood pressure tends to be high at those periods of time. Some patients may have high blood pressure before dawn, so they should have extra hypotensor before sleeping, but they must follow their doctors’ advice because blood pressure will lower 20% than that of day time. Hypotensor before sleeping might cause severe low blood pressure and greatly decrease blood volume in kidneys, heart, brain and other organs.
High blood fat
Without blood of high viscosity, the first choice is to adopt healthy diet, do sports or lose weight. If those are helpless, medicines to lower blood fat will be taken into consideration. Vitamin E must be strictly controlled in choosing medicines or diets. The principle is to choose medicines which mainly regular blood fat not lower it directly. The better choice is Traditional Chinese medicines such as ginseng, gynostemma pentaphyllum and hawthorn. It is most important for patient with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) to abandon smoking and alcohol.
High blood sugar

High blood sugar is difficult to be controlled and easily reoccur. Medicines can not lower blood sugar from the root. When you find blood sugar is higher than that of normal, it essential to know it is diabetes or not. If it is not diabetes, you should pay close attention to you diets in daily life and avoid the food contain high sugar like chocolate, Coca Cola and ships. If you suffer from diabetes, it will be more troublesome. The best choice is to have medicines to lower it under your doctor’s advice.

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