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Does 14mm Renal Cyst Need Treatment

A small renal cyst of 14mm was found on my left kidney and it is complicated with How Can I Cure Kidney Cyst Without an Operation
many small kidney stones. The occult blood reads 3+ in the routine urine test. The test was done on 20th, May and I came to know the result on 20th, April. And today I went to do the urine test and it shows that my occult blood has been normal and turned negative. So I want to know what kind of treatment and medicines I should take to get rid of the cyst and the stones in my kidneys and prevent the loss of my kidney.
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Expert’s answer: 14 mm sized renal cyst is relatively small and it usually does not cause any discomforts or signs to the patient or substantial damages to the kidneys. So your condition is rare in clinic and this may be caused by the kidney stones which are easy to cut the urethra while passing urine and cause bleeding. And when the stones move with the urine, it will cause great pains to the patients and be easy to block the ureter.What Can Renal Cyst Patient Do to Alleviate Pain How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
However since the cyst and the kidney stones are all very small in your case, it is not proper to take traditional surgical treatments which can only aim at large cysts and kidney stones. The small cyst can be left along, while the kidney stone will cause many damages to the kidneys and cause infections in the kidneys. The kidney infection is one main factor that will stimulate the rapid enlargement of the cysts and cause infections in the cysts. And with the enlargement of the cyst, it will oppress the surrounding renal tissues and affect the kidney functions. So it should never too early to treat a disease only if there is effective therapy for it.Treatment for Large Kidney Cyst and 5.2 Potassium in Blood Herbal Remedies for Multiple Bilateral Kidney Cysts Without Surgery

Since the surgical operations have no use on small cysts and stones, you can have a try of the Chinese therapy. The concept of Chinese therapy is overall and thorough treatments which aim not only removing the lesion, but also the root source of the lesion. It attaches great importance to the long term recuperation and aftercare. The bioactive components in the Chinese medicines can not only shrink the cysts and prevent the enlargement and further formation of other cysts, the kidney stones can be discharged out of the body through urination because the Chinese medicines have the functions of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. What is more important is the repairing of the kidney damages and enhancement of the immunity. It is well known that the earlier the treatment, the better the curative effect will be and less damages the disease will cause to the body. Hope you can receive appropriate treatment as soon as possible and have an early recovery.

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