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Treatments for 4.8cm Parapelvic Kidney Cyst

I am 55 years old and male. A month ago, I was diagnosed with a parapelvic kidney cyst on my right kidney and the CT scan also showed that there wasChinese Herbs for PKD
hydronephrosis. I have suffered from constant dull back pains recently. The local doctor said that it is difficult to operate the surgery. I want to know the best hospital that can do the surgery and the risk of the surgery as well as how long do I need to recover?
Best Answer Prominent Parapelvic Right Renal Cyst and a Small Cortical Cyst
To be honest, there is no cure for the parapelvic kidney cyst at present. In theory, the parapelvic kidney cyst is due to the abnormal development of the ureteric. Patients usually suffer from no obvious symptoms. In some cases, the patients can have pains in the renal area or intermittent pyuria. When the parapelvic cyst is small, doctors usually leave it alone and do not take special treatments. However in your case, the cyst is 4.8 cm and you suffered from back pains, so proper treatment should be received as soon as possible.Renal Parapelvic Cyst Measuring 11*13mm: Is This Dangerous How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)

As for the treatments, the conventional treatments are puncture and decortication. Removing of parapelvic kidney cysts requires much higher and more sophisticated skills, so the surgery is not that easy. Improper handling of the cysts can cause further kidney damages to the kidneys. Difference in Parapelvic Cysts and Renal Cortical Cysts
What is more, the puncture and decortication can only help the patient get rid of the cyst without any repairing of the kidney damages. Since the root cause of the cyst still exists, the cyst is easy to relapse and the kidney functions will continue to deteriorate. Considering the disadvantages of surgeries, the natural remedy---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy (chinese medicine therapy)is a far better choice. This therapy is originated from the Traditional Chinese Medicines and it overcomes the shortcoming of the TCM such as slow effect and stimulation to the gastrointestinal tracts. It is a completely natural remedy since it is an external application which does not cause any side effects or pains to the patients. Through dilating blood vessels, activating blood flow in the kidneys and activating the cyst epithelial cells, the parapelvic cysts will be shrunk gradually. At last, I recommend you to take effective treatment positively and timely. Cyst of 4.8 is the best period time for the treatment. With proper treatment, the cyst can be shrunk to an ideal size and the further kidney damages will be prevented. If left untreated or not treated timely, the cyst will enlarge and cause too much pressure to the surrounding renal tissues and lead to a series of symptoms and complications.

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