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About Proteinuria And The Current Treatment in Kidney Failure

Proteinuria is one common clinical manifestation and early symptom of kidney disease. Proteinuria refers that protein content in daily urine is more than 150mg. for patients with kidney disease, amounts of protein in urine can cause series of clinical symptoms. It is also a important factor influencing prognosis of kidney disease. so patients should take great notice of Proteinuria. Therefore, we should touch with beginning of causes of Proteinuria.
Normally glomerular filtrating membrane can prevent most of plasma protein from leaking out of blood, and only a few proteins enters into glomerular filtrate. When kidneys are damaged, the filtrating function of glomeruli strengthens and makes many proteins leak into glomerular filtrate. The amount of proteins outdistances that of reabsorption of renal tubules, so these proteins go into terminal urine forming Proteinuria. This condition occurs among primary or secondary glomerular diseases, renal circulatory disturbance, anoxia and so on. Urine protein is 2g-10g/24hs, mainly albumin.Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease
Besides that, another possible condition is due to broken reabsorption function of renal tubules. The amount of absorbed proteins decreases so as to Proteinuria. This reason often appears glomeruli-interstitium diseases like pyelonephritis, analgesic nephropathy, antibiotic kidney lesion, heavy metal poisoning, inherented polycystic kidney disease and various inherented tubule diseases. The amount of urine protein is less than 2g/24hs commonly, often about 1g/24hs. This kind of urine protein is mainly small molecule protein, rarely albumin.
Proteinuria, the most common manifestation of chronic nephritis, is regarded as the result of kidney disease. In fact, the abnormal urine protein and its quantity are not only a detection of lesion, but also a independent factor in the disease process. According to recent studies of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, all Proteinuria condition is closely relevant to the process of chronic renal failure, and any interference of decreasing urine protein is beneficial to slow the process of kidney disease.
The damage to kidneys Proteinuria brings about shows these following aspects:
First, urine protein is toxic to mesangical cells of glomeruli. In the stage of renal failure, a large number of plasma protein accumulate in mesangial area. These accumulated substances can induce lesion and proliferation of mesangial cells, and increasing mesangial matrix, leading to glomerulosclerosis.
Second, urine protein can damage tubule-interstitium. In normal condition, the small amount of protein filtrated by glomeruli is absorbed by epithelial cells of renal tubules and are degraded by lysosomes. In pathological condition, the strengthening permeanability of glomeruli makes amounts of plasma proteins leak into renal tubules. the excessive albumins stimulates lysosome activity, leading to cell damages.
Third, amounts of urine protein promote increasing ammonia which can cause processive interstitium lesion. In addition, reabsorption and degrading of these protein need more extra energy and make amoxia of tubule cells.
The treatment of proteinuria.Treatment for Kidney Disease Patients With Weight Gain and Proteinuria
Once Proteinuria appears, it is vital to control Proteinuria actively and timely. So how to treat Proteinuria? The pathological reasons of Proteinuria are the damage of glomerular filtrating function and reabsorption ability of renal tubules. the common western treatment applies hormones or immunosuppressive agent such as prednisone and cyclophosphamide, which relieve clinical symptoms like Proteinuria. But there are many side-effects at the same time like leukocytopenia, kidney lesion and so on. Therefore, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital(Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute) doesn’t propose using western hormones and immunosuppressive agent but apply Michronized chinese medicines to treat Proteinuria. The micronized chinese medicines have eliminating function. The active substances of chinese medicines can strengthen phagocytic activity of phagocyte and limit excessive immune reactions. The accumulated immune complex and other macromolecular substances are easy to be degraded and then are removed out of body along with terminal urine. The clinical manifestation change is that the terminal urine becomes cloudy. That is because of removed immune complex and other proteins. In that condition, the detection of urine protein is negative.Advisable Foods for Glomerulonephritis Patients with Proteinuria and Other Options Than Medicines to Reduce Proteinuria in Diabetics

Since that patients learn about Proteinuria and the treatment, they know how to deal with this symptom when this condition occurs. Only when patients choose standard treatment timely and effectively, they can control disease process and avoid end stage-Uremia. As for Proteinuria, if you have any other problems, you can also consult our online experts or send e-mail to me. we will try our best to help you.

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