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Anemia Can Be Caused by Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease features as Edema, elevated blood pressure, abnormal urine fluid, renal insufficiency, urine fluid chemical abnormality and Anemia etc. Some patients even start with Anemia, and the examination show the illness reason is Chronic Kidney Disease.
Chronic Kidney Disease is usually adjoint with renal insufficiency and other kidney disease such as chronic pyelonephritis, multiple renal cysts, and renal rumor. The content of urea ammonia in plasma, also known as blood urea nitrogen(BUN), will increase. This is called as Azotemia. The severity of Anemia has a close association with Azotemia. This kind of Anemia is called renal anemia
Renal Anemia can happen simply, few patients may present erythrocyte decrease or plate decline. Or the complete blood cells decrease.Stem Cell Therapy for CKD Stage 5 Patients Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease
1. Hemolysis elements:Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital
Once patients access into the stage of renal insufficiency, their red blood cell lifespan are rather short; there is a kind of hot variable factor in patients plasma and this factor can not be dialyzed in patients body, and the shape of red blood present zigzag; the harmful factors can damage red cell membrane; red blood cell can rupture due to mechanical lesion.
2. The usage of iron get decreased.Is There a Natural Remedy for CKD
2.Kidney is an important viscera to secrete erythrogenin. The secretion of erythrogenin get decreased dramatically in Chronic Kidney Disease patients who has renal insufficiency . when BUN is more that 1g/L, the content of erythrogenin secreted by kidney can decrease obviously and even stop , which can impinge bone marrow red cells’ growth, mature and release.Is There any Treatment Available for Kidney Problem
3. Patients may suffer from bleeding in different positions, which can also aggravate Anemia. The above mechanism is usually comprehensive and and they can influence each other and aggravate Anemia.

The basic principle to treat Chronic Anemia is to treat primary disease, such as hemodialysis, relief of Azotemia so that Anemia can be improved. Certainly, Chronic Kidney Disease patients who has accessed into Renal Insufficiency can take different approach according to different situation, like taking medication and transfusion of red blood cell, all of them can rectify Anemia effectively.

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