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Hypertension — One of the Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease is not easy to discover in early stage. There are only 7% of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease knowing that they have got the disease. Hypertension, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome have become the main causes of Chronic Kidney Disease. In China, the morbidity of Hypertension is 18.8% among adults, and 50% of them are over 65 years old. In America, the percentage of patients(who are over 70 years old) with Hypertension accompanied with stage 3 of Chronic Kidney Disease is 30%. Compared with sole hypertension, hypertension accompanied with Chronic Kidney Disease is more difficult to treat, and the disability rate and the mortality are higher, which attracts attention of home and abroad.
Patients with Hypertension have a higher morbidity of Chronic Kidney Disease, which is 12 times than common people. The probability of getting Chronic Kidney Disease for elder patients (aged over 70) with Hypertension is about 30%, which is 2.5 times than the patients aged from 60 to 69, and is 20 times than the patients aged from 40 to 59. So we should pay much attention to Hypertension. Much earlier diagnosis and treatment are helpful to delay the development of Chronic Kidney Disease and reduce the mortality and disability rate.
We should pay much attention to our daily diet and life style, besides the medical treatment.Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
a. Ensure plenty sleep. It is important to keep plenty sleep. In general, adults should sleep for 6-9 hours. For example, go to bed during 10:00-11:00 pm and get up during 6:00-7:00 am. In this way, people can keep a regular biological rhythm, which is helpful to us.
b. Take exercises regularly. Latest study shows that the best way to keep long life is to take proper exercises everyday. Researchers of medical center in Washington having a tracking survey on 15,000 people for 20 years find that the probability of premature death of people who often do sports is 70% lower than others. To be healthy, people just need to walk briskly for an hour five times a week at least.What Can Be Done for CKD Stage 5 Caused By Hypertension
c. Pay attention to diet. It is better for the patients to eat something that contains low salt and low animal fat. Avoid eating food that is rich in cholesterol. The intake of salt should be strictly controlled in the range of 2-5g (about a teaspoon) in total, and 3ml soy sauce equals to 1g salt. Limit the intake of pickles, preserved beancurd, bacon, curing food, clam, shellfish, shrimps, preserved eggs, crown daisy, water spinach and so on, which are rich in sodium. Eat more fresh fruits such as bananas, in which potassium can reduce blood pressure. In addition, taking in 800mg calcium and 300mg magnesium is helpful to treat Hypertension. Many kinds of rape seeds, nuts, soybean, pea and dark vegetables are rich in calcium and magnesium.Can Hypertension Medication Used for CKD Cause Mouth Sores in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital
d. Psychological balance. Patients with Hypertension always present tension, anger and mood swings, which can increase Hypertension in turn. Patients should avoid the status of hypertonicity and anxiety. Keep calm and sedate. Keep a good mentality to maintain steady blood pressure.Mild Controlled Hypertension with Kidney Function 40%: Should I Be Worried
e. No smoking. The blood of smokers contains carbon monoxide, which will decrease the oxygen content in blood leading to Atherosclerosis at last. People without Hypertension giving up smoking can prevent Hypertension from coming up, so the patients with Hypertension should give up smoking further.

These five points mentioned above will be helpful to reduce blood pressure and aid in treating. For detailed information, you can consult our online experts or email to me, we will provide you professional analysis and make proper treatment suggestion for you.

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