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Why Do Patients with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease Have Skin Itch?

Chronic Kidney Disease is called dumb disease because it usually has no symptoms in early stage. Yesterday I got that a patient with Chronic Kidney Disease did not feel any uncomfortable even the disease had progressed into stage 4. It may take a few months to progress into stage 5, the end stage of Chronic Kidney Disease.
Patients with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease always have skin itch. Why does this symptom occur?Does Kidney Bacteria Cause Skin Itching Disease
The kidneys have important roles in maintaining health. When healthy, the kidneys can get rid of harmful wastes and extra water. Once the kidneys are damaged, the filtration function of kidneys decreases. And then the harmful wastes (such as carbamide and phosphorus) will build up in the body, which cannot be excreted through urine. A part of carbamide and phosphorus can excreted through perspiration and deposit on the skin. Carbamide and phosphorus can be irritating to skin. So patients with stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease have the feeling of skin itch.Pale Skin and Kidney Disease
Skin itch is caused by the damaged kidneys. So to eliminate the symptom, the root method is repairing the damaged kidneys. Western medicines can eliminate skin itch on the surface, but after a period, it will occur again.
In our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital(Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute), patients with stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease receive stem cell therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can repair the damaged kidneys and treat the disease fundamentally.
The joint action of these two therapies effectively improves the curative effect of our hospital. There are many recovery cases in our hospital.

For detailed information, you can consult our online experts or email to me. We will provide you with professional analysis and make proper treatment suggestion for you.

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