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Renal Edema—a Symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease

Edema means retention of water in hypoderm. It is divided into two types: pitting edema and nonpitting edema. Renal edema belongs to pitting edema, which means that a pit will occur if you press the edema part using your finger. Renal edema is caused by kidney disease, which is a typical symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease.
Renal edema occurs in eyelids and face first, then it spreads to legs (always occurs from ankles). If serious, it will occur all over the body with ascites and hydrothorax.
When edema occurs, interstitial space will be full of water. Then patients may feel swelling of eyelids and ankles. And they will have abdominal distention, chest stuffiness and labored breathing if ascites and hydrothorax occur. Patients with renal edema may put on weight (edema will occur after gaining weight over 5kg).Pitting Edema in Kidney Failure Caused by Dehydration and Facial Edema in Nephrotic Syndrome
If patients doubt that they have renal edema, they can go to hospital having a routine test of urine, which is the easiest and most reliable way. In addition, renal edema is always accompanied by proteinuria, and many patients are always with hematuria and cylinduria. If repeated routine tests of urine appear normal, then you can feel relieved. It is impossible to be renal edema.
Renal edema is caused by kidney disease. If you want to eliminate it, you should treat your kidney disease, which is the root treatment method. Patients are recommended to use Micro-Chinese Medicine accompanied by stem cell therapy treating Chronic Kidney Disease. And clinical practices in our hospital have proven that this treatment method is more effective. There are many recovery cases in shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

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