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How Far Are You Away from Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease?

Yesterday our doctor received a patient. He was diagnosed with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease when he had a physical examination for the first time. It was too sudden for him. There are no signs before. Why does the disease progress so fast?
Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease is the end stage of Chronic Kidney Disease. In this stage, Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is lower than 15 ml/min. Patients with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease may have Heart Failure, loss of appetite and vomit, which are the clinical manifestations when the kidneys are failed
Chronic Kidney Disease is called mute disease, so symptoms are always later than pathological damages. That is why people have no obvious symptoms in early stage. When they feel uncomfortable and then go to see a doctor, their disease may progress to stage 3 or stage 4. It may take only a few days or dozens of days to progress to stage 5. The speed of deteriorating is very fast.Does It Mean You Are Dying If You Have Stage 5 Kidney Failure and Stage 5 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), Urinate Profusely
So patients should pay attention to the early symptoms. Do not take a casual attitude. Patients had better see a doctor, when the following symptoms occur.
a. Feeling tired.Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease
b. Feeling weak
c. Headaches
d. Loss of appetite
e. Nausea

You had better have a physical examination once a year, even have no uncomfortable signs. Once diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, you should receive treatments as early as possible. At present, there are many treatment methods for Chronic Kidney Disease, such as dialysis, Kidney Transplantation, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osimothereapy and Stem Cell Therapy. For detailed information, you can consult our online experts or email to me. We will provide you with professional analysis and make proper treatment suggestion for you.

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