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Early Symptoms for Nephritis

How to recognize the early symptoms for nephritis? In early time, symptoms would be different for male and female. Usually, various nephritis would have a common early symptom of facial edema except for occult renal nephritis. The first symptom for nephritis is edema. Sometimes, the swollen happen in eyelid, hand and feet. Edema is the prevalent first symptom for most nephritis, starts from the face and expands to lower limbs. Eye opening and closing, fist clenching and walking would feel swelling in eyelid, palm and foot when get serious.
Next, early symptoms of nephritis for male and female are introduced respectively.Is Any Treatment Available for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4
The early symptoms for male is oliguria, sometimes it appear together with edema or blood urine, which is usually happens in mature male. Oliguria for acute nephritis would appear with edema, the color is dark with less 400ml of volume discharges each day. Individual patients even have no urine and other 1/3 of patients urinate blood water, tea-color urine is visible by naked eye. This situation would last several days even weeks. Acute progressive nephritis also has the symptom of oliguria. Besides, nausea, fatigue, weak appetite and other early symptoms also present. This kind of nephritis usually happens to mature male. Patients with chronic nephritis also urinate little.Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease
Before 1 to 3 weeks, Patients with acute nephritis usually has such infection symptoms on respiratory tract and skin as acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis,gum abscess, scarlet fever, chicken pox, measles, and skin abscess etc. The cause for chronic nephritis is difficult to find because most has no acute nephritis history or streptococcus infection history. Similar situation happens to occult nephritis, which also has acute, chronic or nephropathy history.
How to recognize the early symptoms for female? Most symptoms are very similar to general nephritis at early stages, such as proteinuria(), blood urine, hypertension, kidney contraction, kidney function decline, irreversible damaged kidney, nearly 60% cases for female patients at final kidney failure is caused by nephritis.Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital and Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute

The above introduction for early symptoms could help patients with nephritis, get treatment at the first time. So they can avoid suffering from renal failure and uremia. For the early symptoms of nephritis, there might exist some differences between male and female patients, and getting treatment depends on the specific symptom. If you are not clear your illness condition, you can consult our online experts for CKD or send email to me, we can reply you within 24hrs.

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