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Common Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

Sometimes, people would present some symptoms especially when they feel tired and sick. These symptoms include edema, hypertension, oliguria or anuria, diuresis, frequent micturition, hematuresis, more foams in urine, waist ache and so on. After further examinations in hospital, these people often suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The below information just tell you some tips what you should do once these symptoms occur.
1. Edema usually emerges in eyelids, ankles and back buttocks. In the serious condition it can be accompanied with hydrothorax, ascites, perineal edema like scrotum and labia. If skin was impaired, edema fluid can flow out continuously. Edema is often adjoint with oliguria and weight increase, and edema fluid can reach up to 20-30L for patients in severe condition. One practical method to distinguish whether we have edema is we can relieve the bowels after getting up and after then measure weight to check weight change day by day.Swelling and Kidney Disease
2. Hypertension.
Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should take care of blood pressure. If blood pressure elevates, that shows the worsening illness condition. Meanwhile, patients with hypertension should pay attention to urine routine test and observe the association between blood pressure(High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease) and proteinuria(Proteinuria and Kidney Disease) quantity so as to let doctors distinguish whether Chronic Kidney Disease arouse hypertension or hypertension causes renal impairment.
3. Oliguria or anuria.Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital
Oliguria refers to urine output is less than 400ml/24hs or 15-20ml/h for adults, and that less than 100ml is called anuria. In this condition, kidneys cannot remove wasted products and toxin by urine, and can’t adjust the balance and stability of water, electrolyte and inner environment. So patients must consult doctors urgently.
4. Diuresis and enuresis nocturna.
When urine output is more than 2500ml/24hs, it is called diuresis. If there is no excessive water intake, diuretic drugs, dialetes, pituitary and urine collapse disorder and other factors out of kidneys, diuresis means the concentration function of kidney tubule is insufficient.
5. Frequent micturition.Is There any Natural Treatment to Cure Kidney Failure
This condition refers to high urinating frequency but with little urine volume every time. Urgent urination is that patients can’t hold back urine. Odynuria means patients feel pain in urethral orifice and lower abdomen when they urinate, which is often caused by Cystitis.
6. Hematuria.Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
When glomerulus or kidney tubules get impaired, blood can readily flow into urine, which is the basic reason of hematuria for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. If urine with amount of blood can be seen by eyes without any instruments, it is called goss hematuria; with little blood, blood cells is invisible by naked eyes, but after centrifugation, red cells in its sediment smear can be found with microscope is called microscopic hematuria(Hematuria and Kidney Disease). Generally, goss hematuria can be caused by many reasons like stone, tumour, urinary surgical diseases and kidney problems; whereas microscopic hematuria is aroused by glomerulus impairment.
7. More foams in urine. If there are more foams in urine, patients should take urinary routine test and 24hrs urine protein content, because this is more likely caused by massive protein leaking into your urine.

Certainly, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease can present other symptoms like nausea, vomit and bone pain etc. These symptoms are usually prevalent in the End Stage Renal Disease(ESRD). Patients must not neglect these symptoms and do requisite test in hospital to ascertain the pathological agent and take proper treatment. You can consult ouronline experts or email to me, our medical staff can give you professional instruction about your recovery.

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