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Renal Tuberculosis Can Frustrate You!

Renal Tuberculosis often occurs in adults, but child and old people can also suffer from this disease. The incidence among males is higher than females. Clinical manifestations and focal lesions can be quite different, and there is rarely clinical symptom except that tubercle bacillus being detected in urine. Focal lesion initiates in kidney but it can expand to other organs gradually, so it is quite advisable to detect this disease as early as possible. Here are some clinical manifestations which has some association with renal tuberculosis.
Firstly, frequent urination.
This is the most important and the earliest symptom for renal tuberculosis. When tubercle bacillus irritates bladder mucosa, tuberculosis inflammation is probably to happen. In this case, patients will urinate frequently and the times of urination in day and night will increase obviously. Severe patients can urinate up to dozens of times every day and even have several times within 1hr. More severely, uroclepsia might occur. 75%-80% patients would have this symptom, accompanying with urgent urine, painful urine and insuppressible urine. And patients feel burning pain in urethera and pubis at the end of urination.
Secondly. hematuria.Hematuria and Kidney Disease
This is the second important symptom of renal tuberculosis. And the incidence for this is up to 70-80%. And blood urine often occurs with frequent urination, urgent urination and dysuria simultaneously. Blood urine is mainly caused by bladder lesion, and it can be aroused by kidney problem as well. The severity of blood urine could be quite different, light gross hematuria or occult hematuria are more common. But 3% patients will present obvious blood urine as the only first indication.Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute
In most cases, blood occurs in the end of the urination. And this is usually induced by tuberculous inflammation or ulcer in bladder. If blood urine can be seen in the whole course of urination, kidney is probably to go haywire.
Third, pyuria.Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease
Tuberculorosis infection in kidney and bladder can damage renal tissue. Massive pyocyte can emerge in urination, sometimes cheese-ike material can also be found in urination, which make urine turbid.
Fourth, lumbago or back pain.Back Pain and Kidney Disease
Patients with severe renal tuberculosis may get Tuberculous Pus kidney. Their kidney can enlarge gradually and there is mass in their waist, which can let patients feel lumbago or back pain.Kidney Disease Symptoms and Treatment
Usually, patients are detected that they will present offside waist pain as offside hydronephrosis occur. Only a few of patients feel renal angina when clotting and pus get through ureters.
Fifth, general symptoms.Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Renal tuberculosis is an important types of general tuberculosis, so it can present similar symptoms of common tuberculosis, for instance, bad appetite, emaciation, fatigue, night sweat and low heat etc. These symptoms usually occurs when renal tuberculosis get serious or caused by other organ tuberculosis.
Sixth, other symptoms.Is Any Treatment Available for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4
Renal tuberculosis is usually secondary to or combining with tuberculosis in other organs, therefore some symptoms resulting from other tuberculosis can also be detected, such as cold abscess of bone tuberculosis, sinus of scrofula, diarrhea and abdominal pain in enterophthisis, and usually nodule on epididymis may happen as genital track have tuberculosis.

Therefore, you should go to see your doctor immediately once you have symptoms as above. It is requisite to take CT, IVU and MRI etc to detect pathological agent as early as possible. You can consult our online experts or send email to me for further medical assistance.

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