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Correct Steps to Treat Proteinuria in Kidney disease

Protein in urine is a very common symptom among patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Many patient do not have a clear idea about the struction of kidney, and they do not know what the correct step to stop this annoying symptoms, so they just follow doctor's order. Admittedly, obidience is correct but the premise is the doctor's advice must be professional and practical. However, we see so many tragedies in reality, many patients should have been treated properly but their conditions aggravated into end stage renal failure and they have to take dialysis and kidney transplant, because the optimum time for treatment was delayed.Treatment for Kidney Disease Patients With Weight Gain and Proteinuria
Our kidney is just like a sieve, which can filtrate those small and harmful elements out of human body. In normal cases, protein and other big molecules can not leak out from kidneys. Once patients suffer from kidney disease, their nephrons will present disorder and fail to fulfill its original function. In western medicine, cytoxan and Prednisone have a certain efficacy to curb proteinuria, but they are just to change the DNA's transforming message rather than repair the inherent cells in kidneys. Therefore, proteinuria appear again and again once medicine stop taking.Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease and Treatment for FSGS with Proteinuria and Creatinine 1.6
Just as we know, the crux to eliminate protein urine is we must repair these inherent cells in kidney, making the hole of the sieve recover to its normal size. From the point of cytology, these holes are controlled by basement membrane, inherent cells. As long as these inherent cells get repaired, kidney can recover its normal filtration function.Proteinuria and Kidney Disease
What is the correct and rapid way to treat proteinuria properly? Just like we hope to build a wall, if we hope to finish it rapidly, we must take time to build it meanwhile we should not allow people pass it from that place. Similarly, we need to control protein further leakage meantime, we should repair these damaged structure. protein leaked just like people, and bricks just like those structures. Only by this treatment, your remaining kidney function can get protected, and symptoms can disappear spontaneously.Diet for Reducing Proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome

I think the above explanation can inspire you to pursure more qualified treatment efficacy. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease can consult our online expert or email to me for detailed introduction about the specific methods.

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