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Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Kidney stone belongs to one kind of urinary stone. Kidney stone often occur among the group of middle age, especially more male than female. Kidney stone can resist for a long time without on obvious symptoms, especially big stone. Small stones can move freely. When they move into connecting point of pelvis and ureter or in ureter, they cause ureter wriggling in order to remove stones, leading to colic pain and hematuria. The pains caused by kidney stones can de divided into dull pain and colic pain. 40%-50% patients suffer from pain history. These kind of pain often occur in waist and abdomen suddenly or continuously.
Colic pain of kidney stone is like knife colic and often occur suddenly. This pain often extends to abdomen, groin, or inside legs, and labia for female. It continues for several hours or afew minutes. If colic pain is serious, patients bear pale face, abnormal sweating, fine and speedy pulse, low blood pressure, in collapse state, accompanied with nausea, vomiting and constipation.Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease
Hematuria is another main symptom of kidney stone. During the pain, usually there is gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria(Hematuria and Kidney Disease), especially the later one. amounts of gross hematuria is not seen often expecting after labor activity. Patients with Kidney stone can get rid of stones in urine, especially in the onset of pains and gross hematuria. There are sands or small stones. When stones pass through urethra, it is easy to cause blocking and stabbing pain. The common complications of kidney stones are blocking and infection. Many patients go to see doctors for urethra infection. Blocking can cause hydronephrosis, leading to bossing in waist or abdomen.

As for the treatment of kidney stone, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital applies micro-chinese medicine to activate the activity of lysosome, making big stones smaller and removed in the urine. Making full use of chinese medicine to remove stones is safer and convenient than the surgery. Micro-chinese medicine just need two or three months to dissolve stones and to get rid of them out of body. About the details of this treatment method, you can consult our online expert or send e-mail to me. there are specialized staff to serve you!

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