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What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease in Women?

Years of clinical practice shows that there are some differences between men and women on the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease, and these symptoms in women can be difficult to identify. Then what are the symptoms in women when they get the disease?
I. Infection. Chronic Kidney Disease in women is always related to pharyngitis, amygdalitis, and infection of the upper respiratory tract and that of skin. Therefore, routine urinalysis should be taken once the above infections are found in order that timely treatment can be given.40-year Women Have DKA & Suffering from ESRD
II. Edema.(Swelling and Kidney Disease) In the early stage of the disease, women may be easy to feel tired, weak, and pain in loin, following by edema in eyelid, face, and ankle; apart from that, the quantity of urine bubbles wil increase with an abnormal color of urine.
III. Hypertension: Nearly one third of the women patients with Chronic Kidney Disease will have increasing blood pressure, with the manifestations such as headache, hypomnesia, poor sleep quality. If Hypertension was found accompanied with these symptoms, a routine urinalysis is necessary for the patients, especially the young women. Don’t even have the idea that these are the results of hard work and great pressure.How to treat the pregnant women with CKD
IV. The change of urine output. In the early stage of Chronic Renal Insufficiency, there is no other symptom except Enuresis Nocturna. As we all know that normal people have no urine or get up once in the night when they are sleeping, but if one always has to get up more than two times in the night to urinate, a check of urine and kidney is necessary.Kidney Disease Symptoms in Women
V. Anemia. Patients with moderate or severe Chronic Kidney Disease always have Anemia, and symptoms such as weak, dizzy giddy, pale face may appear. They should go and check whether they have got Chronic Kidney Disease if they are sure that the disease does not belong to Hematological diseases.
In addition, symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, pruritus, menoxenia are common in patients with early stage kidney disease. Even though the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease in women are similar to that in men, there are some differences. And the disease invades not only men but also women. That is why women should take a notice of the disease when they are busy in working or suffering from great pressure.

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