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Can Hypertension Cause Chronic Kidney Disease

Instead of putting their disease in mind, some patients with Hypertension usually pay little attention to it on account of the unconsciousness of fatalness to Hypertension. Severe Hypertension can induce various lethal diseases and Chronic Kidney Disease is one of them.
It is well known that the second Thursday in March is named as International Nephropathy Day and this year the theme of it is controlling of blood pressure. Hypertension has been ranked as a chief risk factor of Chronic Kidney Disease. When people suffer from Hypertension, blood pressure will increase, leading to the reducing of blood flow in kidneys. With the reduced blood flow, excessive waste products and toxic substances existing in the blood can not be filtered out timely. Waste products and toxic substances are harmful to our kidneys and gradually our renal function decreases. As time passes, Chronic Kidney Disease emerges. High blood pressure is the initial sign of Chronic Kidney Disease. High blood pressure can cause Chronic Kidney Disease; inversely, Chronic Kidney Disease can also give rise to high blood pressure.Diet for Kidney Failure Caused by High Blood Pressure and Kidney Failure, Nausea, Vomiting, High blood pressure and How to Manage High Creatinine and Blood Urea Levels in Dialysis
High blood pressure is one of the most serious complications of Chronic Kidney Disease. Among patients with Hypertension, especially young patients, a considerate part of their disease arises from Chronic Kidney Disease. Chronic Kidney Disease can affect blood pressure in different ways. First of all, when renal function decreases, excessive waste products accumulate in the blood and blocks blood vessels. Bad blood circulation will cause the increase of blood pressure. Besides, renal damage can cause the decrease of prostaglandin which is aim at lowing blood pressure. As a result, blood pressure increases. Moreover, renal damage can promote the generation of type Ⅱ angiotensin. Type Ⅱ angiotensin has a strong ability of shrinking blood vessels, so its reducing will increase blood pressure.

Chronic Kidney Disease and high blood pressure affect each other. Therefore, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, they should pay close attention to their blood pressure and for patients with Hypertension, they should take some effective measures to prevent Chronic Kidney Disease from happening.

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