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How to Treat Symptom Proteinuria of Chronic Kidney Disease

Proteinuria is one of the clinical indicators for diagnosing Chronic Kidney Disease. When large amount of proteiuria appear in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, they usually worried about their disease and eager to get effective method of treating proteinuria.
As we know proteinuria is just one of the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease and if we want to relieve this symptom, we must find out its root causes.
The formation of proteinuria is inseparable related to glomerular barrier function. Glomerulus is the major component of our kidneys and it is contains endothelial cell, basilar membrane and epithelial cell.
Proteinuria and Kidney Disease
These three kinds of tissues form glomerular filtration barrier which can help to prevent the leakage of protein from our body. If any one of the three tissues is damaged, our kidney will can not play its function smoothly, so as to cause a series of abnormal manifestations. For healthy people, by playing its filtration function, glomeruli help us prevent protein from leaking from our body. However, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, if their kidneys are damaged, renal function will decrease. As a result, protein in our body can not be prevented from being leaked. Although protein is macromolecular substances, we can not see it in urine. When protein get out of our body with urine, we usually can see a lot of foam in the urine and it indicates that there exist a lot of protein in our urine.Treatment for Kidney Disease Patients With Weight Gain and Proteinuria
Form the above presentation, we can understand how the protein get into our urine. It results from the decrease of glomerular filtration rate, which is caused by damage of renal intrinsic cells. Therefore, if we want to remove protein from our urine effectively, we must stop renal intrinsic cells from being damaged and at the same time repair the damaged glomeruli. As for traditional method, it uses mass of hormone, which can reduce the protein our urine in a short time. However, it does not repair damaged renal intrinsic cells, so once patients stop receiving treatment, their disease will relapse. As for this problem, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help patients solve it radically. Effective ingredients in Chinese medicine on one hand can stimulate damaged renal cells, so that they play their function, on another hand, some of the effective ingredients can regulate patients’ immunity, so as to resistant the damage of harmful substance. Proceeding from this angle, proteinurine can be reduced from our body effectively.Diet for Reducing Proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome

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