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Causes of elevated creatinine in Kidney Disease

Creatinine has special significance for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. It is one of the most important indicators in renal function test. Owing to the little effects of it from diet, it reflects glomerular function well. For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, their creatinine level usually is higher than that of normal people. In our daily life, creatinine value can be elevated through the following several aspects.
◆For patients with renal insufficient, if they get some infectious disease such as cold, pneumonia, intestinal tract infection and urinary tract infection, their creatinine will increase in the short time.High Creatinine Levels
◆ Dehydration. Dehydration is one of the reasons that cause the increase of creatinine and it can result from fever, hidrosis, diuresis and reduced water intake. Dehydration can result in pachemia which will reduce renal blood flow. When blood flow through our kidneys decrease, creatinine existing in the blood will can not be excreted timely. Consequently, creatinine in our blood increases.
◆ For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, their creatinine can be elevated by usage of medicines which are harmful to the kidneys and the increase of creatinine is irreversible.How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
◆ For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, relapse of their disease may cause symptoms such as oliguria and anuric, which can give rise to acute renal insufficiency and lead to the increase of creatinine.What Can You Do to Reduce the Level of Creatinine in the Blood
◆ Occasionally, overstrain, bad rest and carelessness of others living habits can cause the increase of creatinine.Is Strenuous Exercise Bad with High Creatinine Levels
For patients with Hypertension, their cratinine can be elevated gradually through persistent large amount proteinuria (urine protein is more than one or even one point five gram per day) which is caused by bad control of blood pressure.

Test on creatinine has an important meaning for diagnosing Chronic Kidney Disease. Apart from overstrain and bad rest, increase of creatinine may result from kidney disease. Therefore, once finding creatinine increase, we should do a further examination, so as to make sure whether we have kidney disease.

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