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How to Relieve Edema Symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease

Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease are not strange with edema, because it is one of the common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. edema not only makes patients look fat, but also aggravate patients’ illness, so find out the root reasons of edema and then choose a proper treatment is very important.Why Does Kidney Failure Patient Stop Urinating
Edema arises from retention of water and sodium in the body and this is the reason why patients with edema symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease should restrict the intake of water and salt. For us healthy people, excessive water and sodium in our body can be filtered out through our kidneys. However, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, due to the damage of kidneys, their renal function decreases. Therefore, the excessive water and sodium in their body can not be excreted.Swelling and Kidney Disease and Pitting Edema in Kidney Failure Caused by Dehydration
In daily life, there are two important things for patients do to relieve edema. First of all, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should avoid drinking too much water. Too much water can aggravate kidney disease by increasing burden to kidneys. The water intake should depend on patients’ urine volume. Usually, the daily intake of water for patients with edema is five hundred milliliter more than the day before. Secondly, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, they should have low-salt or even salt-free diet. Salt contain large amount of sodium, if patients ingest too much salt, the excessive sodium will accumulate in their body. Similar with too much water, the retention of excessive sodium in the body can also exacerbate kidney disease. For patients with edema, try to avoid ingesting too much water and salt are the basic thighs that they can do to relieve edema.Can Pulmonary Edema Cause Low Grade Fever in ESRD

Actually, the key of relieving edema is to receive effective treatment as early as possible. If patients’ renal glomeruli are repaired, renal function will be recovered. As a result, excessive water and sodium will be filtered out smoothly through their kidneys. Edema is just one of the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. Therefore, if patients can receive effective treatment, other symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease will correspondingly fade way.

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