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Chronic Kidney Disease VS Chronic Renal Insufficiency

The definition of Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD):
Renal damage≥3months, the specific manifestations are: abnormal pathology and uric composition; blood urine, electrolyte, and abnormal PH; abnormal renal image, or Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)<60ml/min/1.73m2≥3 months with or without renal damage.
Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease
1. Normal detections of renal functions, GFR is normal or ≥90;
2. Normal detections of renal functions, GFR decreases lightly to 60-89;
3. GFR decreases moderately to 30-59;
4. GFR decreases seriously to 15-29;
5. Renal failure, GFR is <15, or dialysis.
Chronic Renal Insufficiency - Can Kidney Failure Patient End Dialysis
Stage 1 of Renal Insufficiency, Compensatory Stage of Renal Insufficiency. Serum creatinine is 133-177umon/L. Due to the powerful compensatory ability of kidneys, even though there are some damage of kidneys, there is no influence to expel metabolic wastes, extra water, and to keep the balance of electrolytes. There is no obvious symptoms in clinical practices. The test report of renal functions is normal.Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease
Stage 2 of Renal Insufficiency. Discompensation Stage of Renal Functions. Serum creatinine is 177-443umol/L. The sclerosed glomeruli increase, about 60%-75%. The function of expelling metabolic wastes is already damaged. Serum creatinine is higher or above the normal level. In this stage, patients may suffer from anemia, fatigue, lighter weight, inattention, and so on. But these symptoms are not very obvious. If there are dehydration, infection, bleeding and so on, the disease may worsen sharply.Does Relapsing UTI Mean Kidney Failure and Why Does Kidney Failure Patient Stop Urinating
Stage 3 of Renal Insufficiency, Renal Failure. Serum creatinine is 443-707umol/L. In the stage, there are serious changes like glomerular sclerosis, tubule-interstitium fibrosis, renal blood vessel fibrosis, leading to severe damage of kidneys. The main symptoms include obvious anemia, more times of urination at night, sharp increase of creatinine and blood urea, as well as acid poisoning. In the stage, if patients don’t get proper treatment, it is easy to worsen into end stage of kidney disease.Reasons to Not Start Dialysis for Kidney Failure Patients

Stage 4 of Renal Insufficiency, Uremia or End Stage of Renal Insufficiency. Creatinine is >707umol/L. The damaged glomeruli of patients with Uremia are over 95%. The serious symptoms include intense nausea, vomiting, oligurie, swelling, vicious anemia, skin itch, foul smell in the mouth and so on.

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