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How to Eliminate Renal Edema for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease?

Renal edema is caused by kidney disease, which is a typical symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease. Once the kidneys are damaged, the extra water cannot be removed out, and then the retension of water in body forms edema.
Renal edema occurs in eyelids and face first, then it spreads to legs (always occurs from ankles). If serious, it will occur all over the body with ascites and hydrothorax. In addition, renal edema is always accompanied by proteinuria, and many patients are always with hematuria and cylinduria.Bilateral Pedal Edema with Diabetic Nephropathy
In western countries, patients always take diuretic to eliminate edema, which can show its effects in short time. But there are many adverse effects including hypovolemia, hypokalemia, hyperkalemia, hyponatremia, metabolic alkalosis, metabolic acidosis and hyperuricemia. In addition, diuretic cannot eliminate edema fundamentally. It is easy to repeat.Facial Edema in Nephrotic Syndrome
In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, patients are recommended to receive Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is the characteristic technology of our hospital. The core technology is micronizing the effective traditional Chinese medicines first, and then with the help of penetrant and osmosis devices, the effective medicines are permeated into the body by external application, which has no side effects.Can Pulmonary Edema Cause Low Grade Fever in ESRD
Micro-Chinese medicine will expand the blood vessels and improve microcirculation. In this way the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrition for the kidney will be increased and the blood flow in the kidney will be improved. Micro-Chinese medicine can block kidney fibrosis and repair the damaged kidneys. And then the toxins and extra water will be discharged out with the blood flow. So the edema will be eliminated and the patient will feel very good. This is a root treatment method, and it is very popular with patients in our hospital.

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