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Obvious Features of Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is one kind of common Chronic Kidney Diseases for children. There are three obvious features as following:
1.Severe edema
Children with Nephrotic Syndrome suffer from severe general edema, such as legs, face, the body, and so on, especially some loose tissues like eyelids. The scrotum of children may be swollen like one bulb, and at the same time, they may bear pleural effusion and ascitic fluid. The skin of children with severe edema is thin and bright, and the skin is easy to seep water once it is damaged. Edema can influence blood circulation and make local immune break down. As a result, it is easy for children with Nephrotic Syndrome to infect.
2.Amounts of urine protein, Is There any Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome
There are amounts of urine protein in the urine of children with Nephrotic Syndrome. The urinalysis report shows that urine protein is +3 or +4 and more urine protein in 24hs, as well as less urine volume. Blood laboratory report shows less plasma albumin, more plasma cholesterol. Because of loss of protein for a long term in the urine, children suffer from malnutrition of protein with symptoms like withered and yellow hair, dry skin, white band in nails, anemia, and infection. Some children may have hematuria(Hematuria and Kidney Disease) and high blood pressure.Any Side Effect of Renfor Tablet for Nephrotic Syndrome
3.Frequent Relapse.Can Nephrotic Syndrome Be Treated
Due to the long-term disease process, Nephrotic Syndrome is easy to relapse. The more risk is secondary infection, such as enteral infections, pulmonitis, primary peritonitis, septicemia, and so on.

Since that there are so many severe symptoms, children with Nephrotic Syndrome should pay more attention to their daily management during treatment. They should take adequate rest. Don’t take too much exercises. They should take in low-salt, high quality protein foods, like meat, eggs, and so on. The daily intake of salt is 1g-3g. children with severe edema should control salt intake strictly and limit water intake.

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