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Patients with Anemia had Better Have an Inspect of Renal Function

Anemia is one of the common clinical manifestations of Chronic Kidney Disease. For many patients, renal anemia always is the onset of Chronic Kidney Disease and is treated as the simple anemia, which delays the prevention of the disease. This will become a life-threatening in the future.
The reasons for anemia caused by Chronic Kidney Disease are as follows:
a. When healthy, the kidneys can secrete erythropoietin. When the kidneys are damaged, the secretion of erythropoietin decreases, which reduce the amount of blood red cells.
b. For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, their filtering function of kidneys declines. So the harmful wastes cannot be discharged, and the retention of the toxins deposite inside the body, which affects the micro-environment of hematopoiesis.About Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital
c. Malnutrition. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease need to control the intake of protein, and the protein removed in the urine increases. All these decrease the density of plasma protein, and as the material of hematopoiesis, the protein reduces, which leads to anemia.Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Failure with 17% Kidney Function
d. Common bleeding such as epistaxis and bleeding gum and loss of Ferrum can lead to renal anemia.Suggestion for ESRD Patients to Improve Kidney Function
Patients with anemia caused by Chronic Kidney Disease may fell dizzy and feeble, which will affect the quality of life. So patients should adopt effective treatments and maintain hemoglobin in the range of 110~130g/L. the root cause of renal anemia is the damaged kidneys. To treat renal anemia, patients should repair the damaged kidneys first.Can a Diet Improve Kidney Function for Stage 4 CKD and Drugs That Promote Healthy Kidney Function
In our hospital, patients always receive Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair the damaged kidneys, which can improve blood microcirculation, block kidney fibrosis and repair damaged renal functional cells. This treatment method can treat Chronic Kidney Disease fundamentally. Once the kidneys recover to normal, the secretion of erythropoietin will increase. In addition, the internal environment will be improved. And then renal anemia will disappear.

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