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Original symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease means renal damage with slow sustained progress. Damaged renal function can be manifested through many symptoms. The followings are the original symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease.
● Too much or too little urine.
Healthy people usually urinate for four to eight times per day and totally about one thousand and five hundred milliliter. If one’s urine volume reduce drastically or increase sharply, moreover, she/he has no fever, excessive sweating, and greatly drinking, and then she/he should go to do an examination, so as to find out whether she/he has renal damage.
● Increased foam in urine. Can Urine Therapy Work Wonder for Kidney Failure
Increased foams which do not disappear within a long time in the urine usually indicate that there exist a lot of proteins in the urine. Large amount of proteinuria is one of the dominant manifestations of Chronic Kidney Disease.
● swelling-Swelling and Kidney Disease
Renal swelling often first appear in face, eyes, scrotum where is more loose and then lower limbs. For patients with severe Chronic Kidney Disease, they may have anasarca, and even some people may have ascites. Swelling around face and eyelid usually appears after people get up in the morning and then disappear in the afternoon. Overstrain can aggravate swelling and good rest can help to relieve it.Is Pink Urine Normal in CKD Stage 3
● Changed urine color
Usually, urine appears to be dark brown or water were flash is washed. For patients with IgA Nephropathy, hematuria(Hematuria and Kidney Disease) which includes gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria usually appears in them. Microscopic hematuria is invisible with naked eyes. Only under the microscopic, can we see the red blood cells.What Does Blood in Urine Mean in ESRD Patient
● Backache
For people who have cryptogenic backache, they should go to hospital to check their kidneys, as well as muscles in back and spine.

Once people suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease, these symptoms usually appear first. When people find that they have these symptoms, they should go to do examination so as to not miss the best time to receive treatment.

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