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Symptoms of Chronic Nephritis

Chronic Nephritis is one common Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) lasting for over 1 year, especially among male. The main symptoms include: edema, Hypertension, symptoms of central nervous , Proteinuria and other abnormal urine condition, insufficiency of renal functions, and other general symptoms(anemia, poor appetite, poor digestive , malnutrition, and secondary inflammation and so on) and complications(Hypoalbuminema, heart failure, secondary infection in respiratory tract and skin, unbalance of water and electrolyte, acid poisoning and so on).Proteinuria and Kidney Disease
The main symptoms of Chronic Nephritis
1. Edema: edema often occur in eyelids, face, and legs. This kind of edema are often of mild or moderate degree. pleural effusion and ascitic fluid are rarely seen before Uremia caused by Chronic Nephritis.Stem Cell Therapy Treats Kidney Disease ,About Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital and Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute
2. Hypertension: this kind of Hypertension is of often moderate degree, Systolic Blood Pressure(SBP) of 22-22.7kPa, Diastolic Blood Pressure of 12.7-14kPa. Usually, patients can control this kind of Hypertension by taking Hypotensors.
3. Abnormal urinalysis: Proteinuria of moderate degree, the fix quantity 2g/24hs of urine protein is considered as non-selective Proteinuria. Gloss Hematuria and Microscopic Hematuria(Hematuria and Kidney Disease) is one of urine changes. For patients with Chronic Nephritis, 90% red blood cells in urine are deformed.

Through the above introduction of symptoms of Chronic Nephritis, people have known Chronic Nephritis well. We hope patients can take timely and proper treatment and recover as soon as possible. If you need more details about Chronic Nephritis or Chronic Kidney Disease, you can consult our online expert or send e-mail to me. this is specialized staff to serve you!

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