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What are the Symptoms When Creatinine Level is High?

Elevated creatinine index means that the kidney has been impaired to some degree. In the compensation stage of renal function, the Glomerular Filtration Rate doesn't decrease seriously, so the damaged renal function only occupies a small part of the total renal function. It means that the renal functions will still be normal in regulating the balance in human body. During this period, although creatinine level is beyond the normal range, the sufferers will have no or little symptoms in clinic. Therefore the diseases are easily be neglected and deteriorate quickly without any treatment.
If there is no proper treatment, the process of renal fibrosis will be accelerated, and renal function will decrease progressively, so the Glomerular Filtration Rate will decrease gradually and the creatinine level will increase therewith. If the illness condition hasn't been controlled well, it will deteriorate consequently into Chronic Renal Failure and even Uremia.
Then, what are the common symptoms when people have an elevated creatinine level? Here is an introduction in detail.High Creatinine Levels
◆ There are more urine during the night. Generally speaking, people who is younger than 60 years old should have no urine in the night. If the urine volume during the night increases obviously, it may be the early symptom of ill renal function and should be noticed.Does Elevated Creatinine After Dehydration Mean Kidney Damage and How Much Water Is Required for Removel of Creatinine
◆ The urine volume is abnormal. The average urine volume of normal people is about 1500ml/d and the times of urination is 4-8. If one's urine volume increases or decreases obviously without excessive perspiration, excessive drinking and fever, he/she should see a doctor and have some examinations on kidney.
◆ The colour of urine changes a lot. The normal colour of urine should be like that of beer and should be clear. If the urine present a strong tea-like colour or the colour of water where flesh is washed and the rice is cleaned, the causes should be detected by certain examinations in the hospital.What Does High Creatinine Do to the Body
◆ There is foam in urine. If there are many foams in urine and the foam last for a long time, there are much protein in the urine.
◆ There is loin pain. If one has loin pain without any clear causes, he/she should go to hospital to have an examination of kidneys, spine or the muscle in loin.
◆ There is swelling in the body. The swelling may appear around the eyes first in the morning and it will disappear after the noon; it will always serious after hard work and will be mild after a rest. Severe swelling will appear in the inner side of ankle, lower limbs or lumbosacral portion.
◆ Hypertension. Some symptoms as headache, dizziness and blurred eyesight will appear together with Hypertension. However, some people with long-time Hypertension will have a better tolerance under the high blood pressure, so there is no discomfortable feelings with them. Therefore, the blood pressure should be tested regularly.

If one has an elevated index of creatinine, he should protect his kidneys with more carefulness then. Life and health is so important for every one as well as his family and friends, so everyone should cherish his life and take good care of himself, and if there is some symptoms, he/she should have proper treatment as soon as possible. If you have any question, you can talk with our consultant online or leave a message to me.

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