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What You May Have with Renal Insufficiency

Renal insufficiency means the Chronic Kidney Disease with glomerular filtration rate not less than 60 mL/min/1.73 m2. In the early stage of renal insufficiency, there are just some symptoms of primary disease. For example, in the early stage of renal insufficiency caused by Diabetes, there are only symptoms of Diabetes. Gradually, this disease will do harm to patients’ other organs and then corresponding symptoms will appear:
★ Manifestations In Gastrointestinal tract
Anorexia and discomfort of belly are the chief complains in initial stage. Gradually, some other symptoms will appear such as nausea, vomit, diarrhea, glossitis, stink in the mouth, fester of mouth mucosa and even massive haemorrhage in digestive tract.What Is the Solution to Stop Dialysis Treatment
★ Manifestations In Nervous
Droop of spirits, fatigue, dizziness, headache, decreased memory and insomnia will occur. Besides, patients have limb numbness, burning pain in hands and feet, as well as pruritus which makes patients move all the time to distract their attention from pruritus. With the prolongation of renal insufficiency, patients will feel fidgety, sleepy, delirious, and clonic of their body. Sometimes, convulsions, coma and hyperspasmia will appear.Is Dialysis to Remove Fluids Due to Acute Kidney Failure Permanent and Is Kidney Transplant a Must with Kidney Failure
★ Manifestations in Cardiovascular
Blood pressure of patients usually increases and long-term high blood pressure will enlarge left ventricle. Myocardium is damaged and cardiac failure appears. Due to the renal damage, some toxic substances will accumulate in patients’ body, which will do harm to myocardium, so as to causing uremic pericarditis.
★ Manifestations in Hemopoietic.Looking for Acupressure Points for Renal Failure
Anima is an inevitable symptom for patients with renal insufficiency. Apart from this, patients are easily to bleed, which manifest as subcutaneous ecchymosis, bleeding gums, epistaxis and melena.
★ Manifestations in Respiratory

When patients have symptom of acidosis, they will have a hard breath. Moreover, the retention of waste products in patients’ body may cause uremia bronchitis, pneumonia and pleuritis, and meanwhile, corresponding symptoms will occur.

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