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Why Does Itching Happen to Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Itchy skin is a bothersome problem for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Many patients with Chronic Kidney Disease always complain that they can not sleep well in the night for they have to scratch themselves all the time.
Renal damage is one of the major reasons of itchy skin. Healthy kidneys can help to excrete excessive electrolyte, water and wastes in our body, so as to keep the balance of various substances. However, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, their kidneys can not complete develop their functions, as one of the result of that, symptom of itchy skin appear. The pathological process can be separated into the following several types.Skin Itching and Kidney Disease
● Skin itch is closely related with high levels of parathyroid hormone. Due to electrolytical dysbolism of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in end stage, calcium deposits in the skin. Parathyroid can excrete parathyroid hormone which has function of promoting the absorption of body to calcium. Accumulation of large amount of calcium in the skin causes constant generation of parathyroid hormone in the body. As a consequence, skin itch appears.Causes of Itchy Skin With Diabetes and Kidney Disease and Does Kidney Bacteria Cause Skin Itching Disease
● Skin itch can arise from the uremic neuropathy, which belongs to neurological skin itch. This kind of skin itch can not be removed by dialysis.
● For some patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, they are likely to have anaphylaxis which will lead to skin itch. At this moment, taking anti-tissue amine medicines can help patients relieve this symptom.
● Because of renal damage, waste products and toxic substances can not be excreted form our body. As a result, these substances accumulate in our body. Retention of waste products which contain nitrogen can stimulate our skin, leading to skin itch. Moreover, atrophy of sebaceous gland and sweat gland can also give rise to skin itch.How to Ease Skin Itching for Hemodialysis Patients

In a word, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, skin itch mainly caused by accumulation of waste products and toxic substances in the body. Therefore, if patients with skin itch want to remove this symptom radically, they must receive effective treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease.

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