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24 hours almost no urine is how is it? How to do?

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Hello experts patients weekly of one hundred thirty-five do experts Hello patient per week one hundred thirty-five do hemodialysis but these days so I do not know his weight normal normally do not do hemodialysis days on up four jin hemodialysis weight on down there is no urine 24 hours almost no urine is how it how to do
How do want to help: thank the doctors for my quick answer - how the treatment and prevention
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello, is because there is no urine or oliguria to uremia only need hemodialysis.
Kidney patients: Hello experts, but the patient did not do hemodialysis urine is normal before his every day feel thirsty but doctors control drinking is why
Please explain in detail the specific circumstances of the patient and treatment through the kidney doctor: so that we have a more detailed understanding.
Kidney patients: doctors Hello my first introduction to the patient's condition the patient is invisible to the eye suddenly two months ago (2-year-old vision bad night unseen but good during the day) at the Beijing Tongren Hospital, MRI brain ideas (What's sudden hardening) neurologist hospitalized indeed found a bad kidney (called acute renal failure) then checked that the syphilis three to do hemodialysis treatment in the hospital to ask like the patient completely cured.
Doctor of kidney disease: acute renal failure is also possible to cure syphilis three organ damage, bad treatment.
Kidney patients: doctors Hello! So, patients in the hospital to check out syphilis [implicit] I do not know if it is kidney transplantation has no effect, affect any.
Nephropathy doctor: It is recommended that any observation.

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