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Polycystic kidney What is the real reason?

60-year-old male
Experts answer
Polycystic kidney real reasons for not very clear, there are several theories: ① metabolic doctrine: that in the embryonic period due to the precipitation of salts in the renal tubular tubular obstruction cavity, fluid accumulation in the proximal segment and lead to cyst formation. (2) infection theory: Virchow-represented scholars that embryonic pyelonephritis renal tubular fibrosis causing obstruction, thus cyst formation. ③ vegetation doctrine: polycystic kidney disease usually presents the vibrant growth of the tumor, which was that it is a true neoplasm. Some people (Staemnier) called "cystadenoma fibrosis. (4) developmental defects: that during embryonic development, kidney Qu thin tube with kidney collecting duct or direct renal tubule calyceal kidney development suspend all or part of the connection, urine excretion impeded, glomerular and renal thin tube retention cyst. Most scholars support a theory

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